Sunday, September 14, 2014

Day 257 - 14th September 2014 - Daisies, Glads and the Moon

It's a wet morning - well we need the rain. Foot is feeling better, can bear some weight down. Will have to see how the day goes maybe if it clears I can escape for an hour or so. Or maybe I should keep myself home so that it's feeling better for work tomorrow. Going to be a busy week. I must admit I've caught up on my sleep these last few days.
Another unproductive day. Even the yard was quiet but that might have been because Larry was using the wood splitter all morning. Didn't do much nor travel far, foot still was not allowing me to do much. And it was a beautiful day. Went to town for groceries, Larry did the shopping and I waited in the truck. Didn't have the energy to hobble around Sobeys yesterday.
Not much left of the daisies.
 A few of my Glads are still very pretty.
 The moon high in the sky about mid day.
My only birding - waiting in the truck at Sobeys while Larry did the grocery shopping.

Enjoy your day!

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