Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Day 266 - 23rd September 2014 - Toad, Raindrops and Wildflowers

I read on line yesterday that the end of this month and into October would be a touch of Indian summer. My favourite time of year, will be able to enjoy the fall colors. Driving to town yesterday morning Nancy and I noticed the touches of color here and there - amazing how they pop out overnight. This year I want to try to get over on the other side of the lake and take pics of our side in color. Nova Scotia in the fall is the prettiest season of all.
Well for a Monday - it wasn't a bad day. Had a good walk, not much in bird land - only saw a Common Yellow-throated Warbler and a Hermit Thrush, both in very low light so no photos.  Got some work done, did up a budget for the upcoming winter months and had a few people in to research.  Back to exercise class last night - a good work out, felt great to be back in the swing.
 Came across this little toad yesterday morning.
 Everything was dripping from the rain during the night.
 Roadside wildflowers survived the frost on the weekend.

Dill in the garden.

Enjoy your day!

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