Friday, September 12, 2014

Day 255 - 12th September 2014 - Shells, Waves and Wildflowers

So Thursday was not a fun day at all. I hobbled around all day, did get into see the Doctor only to discover I have the Gout. I thought only old drunk men got that, well guess not. Anyway I've got pills which should kick in fairly quickly they tell me but she prefers me home instead of running around. The pills will upset my stomach as well so the weekend should be delightful. Doesn't sound like I'll be out birding that's for sure unless I can convince Larry to take me around in the wheelbarrow. I guess I should be grateful that it is treatable and hopefully by next week it will feeling better. Since I'm not out with the camera some of you will be happy with the lack of birds!
Slept much better so I'm thinking if I behave myself by Monday this will be under control and bearable. Looks like it will clear and be a nice day. Might be me, the camera and the Kobo on the deck if that's the case.
 A shell on the Hawk Beach.
 The Sea sends back.
 I know - weeds, but they were very pretty blowing in the wind.
 Waves and the shoreline of the Hawk Beach.
 It was a beautiful day.
Wildflowers and weeds.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Feel better soon ;) "old drunk men" still laughing