Sunday, September 28, 2014

Day 271 - 28th September 2014 - Sunrise, Misty Lake, Mallards, Common Yellow-Throated Warbler and Dragonfly

Beautiful star lite sky this morning. Looks like another nice day in the making. So today I'm playing the selfish card - forgetting about housework, woodpile and anything else anyone wants us to do. Going birding and will enjoy the fall foliage along our travels before we get rain and the leaves are all gone.
It was nice to get out for my walk in the hood Saturday morning even though I cut it short as I had to go work. The lake was gorgeous with mist and the sun rolling out above the tree line. Then it was off to town, the office til noon, grocery shopping and home again. I roamed again for a while. It's been a stressful few days so needed the calming influence of the woods and lake. Larry puttered around between the garden, wood and mowing. That may be the last time we mow this year. The power went out in the middle afternoon - was I in slight panic mode - yes! I hadn't ironed Larry's clothes, neither of us had bathed and we had a wedding to get ready - only out for an hour - then we were back to normal and good to go.
 Mornings like this I never want to leave the hood.
 I believe we live in the most beautiful part of Nova Scotia.

 I took a quick walk around after I got home in the early afternoon. A few of the Mallards were hanging out.
 Came across this Common Yellow-Throated Warbler.
 A little too much light but it was fun to watch him eat the berries.

 He kept company with this Swamp Sparrow.
 And this huge Dragonfly.

Enjoy your day!

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