Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Day 267 - 24th September 2014 - Ovenbird, Song Sparrows, Common Yellow-Throats and Yellow -Rumped Warblers

Slept in this morning - didn't get up until 5:45 am . The stars are all out still, temperature is +6.6, just a tad chilly. Home today, so that means some roaming the hood is in order. Fingers crossed for something out of the ordinary or at least not on my list yet. Other than that, it's the same old thing - laundry, some housework - nothing terribly exciting.
It was nice on Tuesday but just a tad chilly. If that north wind would ease up some it would have been so much better. I finally caught up with a few birds toward the end of my walk. All along the way it was so quiet and then ... action. Chickadees, Song Sparrows, Yellow Rumped Warblers, Ovenbird and I think I spied the Blue-headed Vireo. A good day at work and it was hair cut time after. Feels so much better with that all cropped off.
 I love the soft orange glow these mornings on the lake.
 A perfect morning for reflections - just a touch of color in the leaves.
 The Ovenbird insisted on hiding behind a branch or two.
 Yellow Rumped Warbler.
 Common Yellow-throated Warbler - young male I believe. I can just see the start of his black mask.

 Another Yellow-Rumped Warbler.
 Song Sparrow.

Enjoy your day!

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