Monday, September 1, 2014

Day 244 - 1st September 2014 - Sandpipers, Red Knots, Dowitchers and more

Hard to believe that today starts another month. Where have the months gone - they seem to fly right by. I'm off as it's a Holiday - seems the last few holidays that have fallen on Monday have been wet ones and today is no different. Oh well, it will be a housework kind of day. Need to clean up the laptop some too. If we get a break in the weather I'll be off in the hood.
We had another really good day on Sunday - no new lifers but still great. Headed off down through Port Clyde - Thomasville, Reynoldcroft toward Port LaTour. There are lots of ponds along the side of the roads but they were pretty quiet. Made a stop at Crow's Neck Beach - lots of peeps there feeding in the seaweed along the beach.  Then it was off to Villagedale and Sandhills Beach. It's one of our nicest provincial beaches - long stretches of white sand and on a sunny day the water looks tropical. More little peeps along with Red Knots and Dowitchers. A large flock of Terns also flew in but were unsettled. From there we headed out to Cape Sable Island. The tide was in by then so not much action on the beaches. Stopped at West Head Take out for dinner and then homeward.
Lots of peeps around yesterday morning.

 Least Sandpiper

 One of my favourite shots of the day.
Ruddy Turnstone with Least Sandpiper in the background.

 Black-bellied Plovers in flight.
 Long-billed Dowitchers.

 Juvenile Red Knot.
 It was so windy on the beach they all snugged together.
 A large flock of Terns flew in and land near the water - no getting close to them.
 And off they went again!

Yellow Legs.

Enjoy your day!

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