Thursday, September 4, 2014

Day 247 - 4th September 2014 - Chickadee, Northern Parula and Blue-headed Vireo

The air is so much clearer and cooler this morning and the stars are all out. Feels like it's going to be a good day. We'll see the school bus on the road again beginning today, summer is over for students, teachers and bus drivers. Guessing most of the kids are ready to go back or at least the parents are ready for the return to normality.
Well it took most of the day but it did clear off and the sun came out. Humid but not quite as bad as the last few days - nice breeze to help out. The hood was quiet yesterday, I walked way over to the point and only saw a couple Song Sparrows and Common Yellow-throated Warblers on my trek. It was foggy and dreary at that time so maybe they were off sulking in the swamps. After supper they began to appear in my back yard as has been their habit the last few nights. Makes me feel like they are saying good bye before they head out for warmer climates and our colder months.
This was a huge web and appeared to be suspended in mid air.
 Song Sparrow.
 Bees are still active.
 The Lupin seeds have blown in the wind to reseed for next summer's blooms.
This is certainly a healthier looking Atlantis Fritillary than the one I've been seeing in the yard.
 And the Chickadees arrived in the yard after supper - sitting on Larry's Scarlet Runners and Bean posts.
 That usually means others arrive...sure enough - a Northern Parula.
And a Blue-headed Vireo. Also saw several Ovenbirds in the trees, but just a bit too high for good shots.

Enjoy your day!

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