Friday, September 26, 2014

Day 269 - 26th September 2014 - Cormorants, Great Blue Heron, Gulls and a Dory

Ah finally Friday has rolled around again. Nice to have the weekend near, except I'm working Saturday morning. Hoping on Sunday we can get out birding and catch some of the fall colors at the same time. No stars this morning, it's still dark but must be cloud covered. Two weeks from today and I'm done for the season, feeling that I need a break.
Thursday went along well. I got a short jaunt in along the waterfront and enjoyed watching the Cormorants and Great Blue Heron feeding. Oh yes there was a Kingfisher too, but like the ones in the lake he quickly laughed and moved.  A couple of researchers from the USA spent the morning as well as a couple closer to home - good to see them again and catch up. Of course it was one of those fluke things that everyone shared a family branch. So I didn't get much done that I was working on but nice to have happy people leave us. I skipped exercise class last night, felt a little drug out and tired after supper.

 Everyone was having breakfast (Great Blue Heron and Cormorants) - so I crept into someone's driveway to get a little closer, but didn't want to scare them.
 Down the hatch!

 There were lots of Cormorants.
 Misty on the Harbour as well.

 Another catch.
 Gulls on the roof top.

 Love the look of the mist and the boats.

Enjoy your day

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