Friday, September 19, 2014

Day 262 - 19th September 2014 - Blue-headed Vireo, Yellow Rumped Warbler, Cobwebs and Fog

Another month is flying by. I love September - the cool nights and warm days, except for the days that are getting shorter. I so enjoy the early mornings drinking my coffee on the deck and watching the sun come through the trees, now I see the stars and moon in the sky. Oh well in my mind we are lucky to have all four seasons even if don't like the winter so much. It's chilly out there this morning. Temperature reads +6.  It's Friday and the weekend is almost upon us. Whirligig Festival on Dock Street this weekend, along with the Uke Festival - should be a busy and fun time in town.
It was a good day at work, Debbie has the office walls almost painted - looks so much cleaner and nicer. Can't wait for the old photos to go back up on the walls, I'm sure those big frames will look amazing on the new color. Had dinner with Dad - nice to spend a bit of time with him and he always feeds me way too much so I waddled back to the office after.
 The Blue-headed Vireo is still in the hood.
 Along with some Yellow-Rumped Warblers. The Chickadees were leading the flock again. Also spied a Black-throated Green Warbler but couldn't slow him down for a good shot.
 Lots of webs around.
 They were high and low!
And the lake was coated in fog.

Enjoy your day!

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