Monday, September 22, 2014

Day 265- 22nd September 2014 - Mist, Sunrise, Sticks and Dragonflies

Welcome Monday, why do you come so quickly! The weekends seem to fly by. Back to work - only three weeks left til I'm done for the season, which means lots of work to get cleaned up. Also means my "spring cleaning/purging" begins after that.
Sunday morning was rather disappointing in the bird search. I headed out early before breakfast, sure there would be lots around and all I saw were a couple of Chickadees and a Red-Eyed Vireo. Tried later in the morning and the hood was still barren, not sure where they were. Poor things are probably highly confused with the ups and downs of the temperature. The sky was pretty first thing out and there were dragonflies around, so not a total loss. Getting out and enjoying nature is never a waste. Went to a benefit supper then home to snuggle in a listen to the rain.
 A ribbon of mist across the road.
 The sun was warming the lake.
 A little mist and some nice reflections.
 The neighbour's Hydrangea is still beautiful. Close to the water - the frost doesn't seem to bother it yet.
 An old stick and it's reflection reminds me of an apple ladder.

Enjoy your day!

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