Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Day 246 - 3rd September 2014 - Yellow-Bellied Flycatcher, a few Warblers and a Kite

Wednesday, my day off and up too early again. This really gets to be a drag, but as they say - "suck it up buttercup". Looks like another morning of drizzle then clearing. Guess I'll hit the hood, poke along through some bushes and see what I come up with. Might find a few birds or I may have to wait until they make their way into my yard again later today. If nothing else, makes for a good workout.
A relatively quiet day at work, which meant I got lots done. Humidity is still high - really dislike it. It was dark, overcast and drizzly when I went for my walk in the morning, birds weren't moving too much and where they were was dark for photos. I did see a couple of Hermit Thrushes and Common Yellow-Throated Warblers.  I was rewarded in the back yard while cooking supper last night with a few Palm and Yellow Warblers as well as a Yellow - bellied Flycatcher. Could hear the Woodpecker but didn't see her.
Yellow Warbler - high in a tree.
Yellow-bellied Flycatcher. Nice to see one in the yard again.
 Palm Warbler.
 Someone was flying a kite on Daniel's Beach the other day.
 A path of Queen Anne's Lace and other wild flowers.
Grasses - thick and fluffy.

Enjoy your day!

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