Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Day 253 - 10th September 2014 - Boats in the Harbour, Blue-headed Vireo and Hummingbird

Day off - means I get to haunt the hood leisurely this morning.  Suppose to be a nice day so Lexi will get some runs in as well. Other than that it will be the norm of housework, meals for later in the week etc.
Tuesday passed with out incident. Temperatures were a little cooler even though the sun was out and shining. Got some research underway, went to a workshop on the new SPAM law - what we have to do and can't do. Sounds like more work for those of us in small businesses and non-profits but that's the world of the government. It was a good workshop none the less. Birded from the deck after supper. The only one that seemed to be around last evening was the Blue-headed Vireo.
 Another morning on the lake, but it looked so much prettier an hour earlier.
 A few boats in the harbour.
 The Blue-headed Vireo is still hanging around.
 In the yard last night.

And the two Hummingbirds are still around. Man do they fight!

Enjoy your day!

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