Saturday, September 20, 2014

Day 263 - 20th September 2014 - Hermit Thrush, Palm Warbler, Ducks and a Loon

Brr, temperature is reading +1.5 and you know it will drop again just before sunrise. Frost it may be! Could hear an Owl somewhere way off in the distance this morning. The stars are all out so I'm thinking nice day. I think this means a trip to Hemeon's Head today maybe late morning/ lunch time, tide should be almost out by then. That will also give me time for a roam around the hood to see if there is anything here. Not much time left for shorebirds and warblers. Other than that - wood for Larry, housework, groceries and making a Chocolate Zucchini cake for a benefit being held tomorrow afternoon.
It was a chilly morning on my walk yesterday, windy too. Saw a few birds but not many. Never quite sure if I'm too early or late for them but it's a fun challenge. A good day at work, Debbie finished the painting, some of the old framed pictures went back on the walls - it looks great. Now for an re-organizing party! A few researchers and our treasurer to do some work and the day came and went. Finished off the last of the turkey soup for supper and went for a walk. Was losing the light but did see a few Chickadees, Common Yellow-throated Warbler and a Hermit Thrush.
 One of my favs - Hermit Thrush was eager to pose yesterday morning for me.

 Unlike the Palm Warbler who sat in the shadows.
 The Hanging Maple is really breaking out in color now, the reflection reminds me of a Monet painting.
Saw two loons in the Harbour - they are beginning to leave the lakes.
I spooked two Mallards after supper.

Enjoy your day!

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