Monday, September 15, 2014

Day 258 - 15th September 2014 - Deer, Red Leaves, Great Blue Heron and a Blue Jay

Monday morning and I'm going to give it a try at work today. This morning the foot is about 85% still not back to normal but well see how it goes. I'll try to keep the running around to a minimal and have it up as much as I can. It's a busy week so I need to get mobile again. Besides, it's great to be home if I could roam and do things, but sucks when I have to sit around and I'll be less irritable.... I think.
Sunday was definitely a better day. Larry took me for a drive (I was going shack wacky) and I did a little birding from the truck. Truly not the best way but better than nothing. Photos weren't top notch but I was fine just getting out and see some things. Drove down through Round Bay around to Blanche checking out the ponds at Thomasville, Reynoldscroft etc along the way, then back up to Port Clyde and home via the highway. Larry cooked a turkey with all the trimmings for supper and I had an early night. Irene stopped for a quick visit and brought me a lovely potted Mum. She's such a sweetheart. He's making headway with the wood in the basement. You can feel it in the air that before too long you will need a "little" fire to take the chill off, but so far so good. I'm hoping not until next month.
 Two lovely deer on someone's front yard down in the Gunning Cove/Carleton Village area.
 Apparently they are used to people since we parked at the end of the driveway and I hung out the window.
 Driving by Round Bay - you can see the backside of the beach way in the background.
 The colors are changing.
Not a great shot - Kestrel  - we saw three in that same area.  Also saw 2 other Hawks on our travels and a couple of Kingfishers.
We think this is a juvenile Pintail Duck.
Great Blue Heron landing.

What a comic this Blue Jay was with the sunflower. I stood in the kitchen window and took a bunch.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I think the duck is a Green-winged Teal. I was at Blanche on Saturday morning and we had 2 of them in the pond to the right of the road near the tip of Blanche. Great deer shots.