Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 182 - 30th June 2012 -Patridgeberry, Warblers and flowers

Thick fog this morning, with a temperature of +17.3. I see lots of cobwebs on the ground; a sure sign of a hot day, according to the old folks. I've slept in again, can't believe it, but I think finally I've caught up on my rest. This is definitely a good thing. Larry and Lexi are still sleeping, will leave them for a while before I wake them up and send them off so I can finish up some stuff around the house and make sandwiches.

Well we come to the end of another month, half way through the year. The first six months had a lot of downs, hoping for a lot of ups in this next stretch. Although, when looking at what some others suffer perhaps it hasn't been all that bad. We should be thankful for life, love and laughter!

Managed to get the house down to a dull roar and semi-presentable yesterday. I was still tired from the week of marathon editing so I just took it easy and worked, taking many short breaks. Ha!Ha!

Will try to get a better photo of these. They are partridgeberry. Seems to me the smaller the flowers are the more fragrant they are.
Am having a hard time with birds, oh well guess it will come with time and practice. This may a black and white warbler.
There is always a frog or two hanging around the lake.
One of my spring bulbs is in bloom.......but I've forgotten what it is!
I was delighted to spy these buds today, it's one of the explorer roses that I moved and thought I had killed a few months back. Now to just figure out which one it is!
My perfect model poses while I practice on some portrait shots!
Time to finish off my coffee and let the day begin. I see lots of Canada Day activities over the weekend planned in various parts of the county, perhaps we'll make it out so some of them tomorrow. Maybe we will just take our cameras and head some where.

Enjoy your day........and the long weekend!

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