Friday, June 8, 2012

Day 160 - 8th June 2012 - Gates and Friday

Wow, it's Friday! Much cooler this morning; temperature is +6.3. The sky looks clearer today as daylight is coming and I slept better, so all is good. Would like to clean up at least one of the research papers I've been working on, today, but two of them are causing great problems - of the brick wall nature. Have a couple more avenues to try out today and then will see where we stand. Hopefully one of them will have a breakthrough.

A coolish day yesterday even though the sun came out. A few showers before supper, but they only lasted a minute or two. Larry and Lexi spent some time in the garden, only a few more things to plant I think. He started putting the tomatoes in, hopefully we won't have a frost again.
Since I'm in town early these days, I like to work for a bit then head to the Bean Dock for my tea before opening the Centre. I try to take different streets when I do this and check out what's around.
I grew up near this house, but it's funny I don't remember this metal gate and granite post. I guess as a child/teenager it probably wasn't important.
This is a much newer gate along the street, but I like the design in the top of it.
I really, really dislike pigeons, but took the photo anyone.
The Visitor Information Centre is now open; located on Dock St. This was the first job I had when I turned 16. The building didn't look like this in those days, but it was a great job and I enjoyed that summer.
A bit of blue sky peeks out behind the street lamp.
There are sail boats back in the harbour again!
The weekend is on the horizon, time to get some things done and ready for work. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Have an awesome day, I am not a big fan of pigeon's either but I have to admit the colours are beautiful....