Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day 162 - 10th June 2012 - Frogs, Flowers and White Lady Slippers

Nice to see daylight for  a change when I wake up instead of darkness. Yes, I've slept in til 6am. Temperature is +10.3. I think I'll spend a bit of time outside today - weeding the flower beds, etc. Philip coming for supper so I've got a roast out to put in the oven this afternoon. Love a big Sunday meal; leftovers to start off the work week.

Well it did turn out nice yesterday, by late morning the sun was trying to come out and managed to at noon. The Old Folks were right about the leaves turning and rain.  Lovely breeze as well after supper. We did go to Barrington shopping, was it ever busy out there, yardsales, the boat races for planned as well so people were picking good viewing spots and we head back home. Larry had more garden work to do and I had the dreaded housework, although I did sneak out for a brief walk around the neighbourhood.
I loved finding this fellow on the end of the dock. Was quite surprised that he didn't jump back in the lake, but seemed contend enough to pose for me. I just stretched out on my stomach and clicked away!
More water lilies, but on the rock to the right is another frog, sunbathing, I think. Honestly I didn't see him until I downloaded the photos!
The lake was beautiful this afternoon, clear except for the reflections of clouds moving through it.
I'm not really sure what this is. The leaves look like maple, but my best guess is it's an ornamental tree/bush.
Another guess, but I think it's called Pincushion flower. A perennial that comes up every year.
No problem with this - Clematis. They have wonderful large purple like flowers. There are many different varieties in various colors.
Lilacs! There are tons all over the tree.
Came across this pretty white Lady Slipper in the woods this afternoon. Usually see one or two every year, but they are not near as common as the pink ones. I believe they are the same as the pink ones except for whatever reason they have no pink pigmentation - making them albino.  I didn't hang around long, it was being protected by very large, aggressive mosquitoes, so I moved right along the path.
So time to drink my coffee and get the day undereway. It's amazing what a good night's sleep can do for a person.
Enjoy your day!


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