Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 175 - 23rd June 2012 -Sunrises, Frogs and Snakes

It's Saturday, gray and dismal looking out, but no rain yet. Temperature is +15.6 and they are giving rain with thunder and lightning, sounds like a fun day. Not like I can't find things to do. Woke up at a more reasonable hour this morning, was surprised I lasted all day, yesterday.

Since yesterday was such an extra early morning for me, I headed down to the lake at 5:30am as the sun was rising. It was a beautiful morning and made me glad to be a morning person and live close to the water.

Managed to get the upstairs cleaned up, downstairs hallway and most of the living room, as well as catching up on laundry. Will finish up the rest on the weekend. Since Larry is going to be gone on Sunday to a Fire Dept. course I should even find time to work on Water Street. Am happier with my camera progress today, used the manual mode, getting use to working the shutter speed and aperture and focusing. It's all beginning to come together. Will need to pick up the speed a bit in order to capture birds, they are not as patient as Lexi and the frogs.
Beautiful shades of pink to start with, silhouettes of the boat and trees.
Gradually some yellow begins to appear mixed in with a bit of orange.
The colors change fairly quickly, sunrises are so much faster than sunsets.
Lois' Magnolia tree. The flowers are beautiful and have a wonderful sweet smell to them.
Most of the frogs were all laying out on rocks enjoying the noon time sun, a few were in the water.

I've discovered that frogs are a good subject to practice on!
So enough with the frogs, thanks for bearing with me but since I never see any ducks in the lake anymore, I have to find something with some color.
This was the last of the wildlife I saw, he's not really as big as he looks, just a good zoom lens!
Better get moving, finish my coffee and get some more work done around here.
Enjoy your day!


  1. Rain is starting.....oh well, we need it! Finding inside chores today! Thanks for my morning pick me up, love looking at your pictures, they reflect what I see every morning too!

  2. I'd be sitting in that chair by the lake that I saw in one of your other entries with a nice steaming mug of coffee watching all the sunrise colours! I envy the photography skills, Ive never really learned anything other than point and shoot.

    1. I've really gotten into this photography stuff, Larry and I both took an evening course last fall and I took another this spring. It really makes the difference. I have to run to the neighbours yards for sunrises!LOL!! More creeping around in my pjs'!