Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 177 - 25th June 2012 - Roses, Roses and More Roses

Well it's rolled around to Monday once again and back to work.. Sun is beginning to rise, I see a hint of color through the trees and the temperature is +10.8. Back to my regular ride so I don't have to go quite so early, meaning I can accomplish a few things around here in the morning. It's not like I'll catch an extra hour of sleep. Main priority this week - get Water St. off my list and over to our Printer. He's a wonderful person and sooo easy to work with. He'll do it up into a proof copy for my final perusal. This would be a great thing to have done before the long weekend.

Yesterday was rather an uneventful day, Lexi and I at home. Thought about taking a nap, but resisted. I think it was the quietest birthday I have ever had, so that was kind of nice. Birthday's growing up were a big event in our house. Being born in the warm months I was pretty well guaranteed most years to have two parties - one with lots of school friends, usually outside with games, etc. and one with all the family. Warm and fuzzy memories of family and friends.

Some reeds along the waters edge.
My Loyalist Rose, this one looks pretty good, most of them were beaten by the rain.

The petals that fell.....

Old fashion roses which grow along the road in the country side or around the seaside.

Very old "Moss Rose" buds, rain droplets on everything and a few ants by the looks of it. Probably from the original owners of the house.
A few more buds from the Loyalist Rose.
I've had blogger problems this morning........ had to reload photos, they went, just disappeared so to speak. Ah well it's Monday what would you expect! HA!HA! The Explorer rose bushes that I moved several months ago are finally making a comeback and have new leaves coming everywhere. At one point I thought I had lost them, so hopefully they will soon bloom.
Larry and Lexi are up and mobile so guess I better put the coffee back on.
Enjoy your day!

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