Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 179 - 27th June 2012 - Apples, Buoys and Flowers

So I'm playing catch up! Figured I better start where I left off and over the next couple of days we will be up to date again. Wednesday went by something like a blur. Started the day at 4:30am and finished at 9pm. And I almost forgot ....... the internet issues. Those seem to have cleared up. Rah! Guess I should call however, again, and have some money removed from my bill. Why should I pay for service I didn't receive?
I see the apples are forming on thetrees, can't believe they are this
big already!

Who says buoys have to be in the water?
I was peeking in the neighbour's yard again, nice little flowers.
A school of pollywogs or maybe minnows, I can't really tell. All I could see where some bigger ones and these darting under the water.
The lake rarely fails to give a good photo.

Well I hope you enjoyed Wednesday, if I remember correctly, the weather turned out pretty good. 

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