Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 163 - 11th June 2012 - Hmmingbird Clear Moths and Oak Apple Galls

Monday has arrived again, looks like it will be a fine day too. The temperature is +8.9. Larry's off earlier this morning to work. The work week has begun again. Ah, well we are lucky to have jobs that we like.

Sunday turned out cloudy most of the day, but the sun finally made an appearance late in the afternoon. It was a day of mostly housework and inside stuff, I did some weeding in the flowers until the black flies began to carry me away. Larry painted his woodshed, worked around. So it was just an at home kind of day. Philip came for supper and we enjoyed his company.

Lots of blue in the lake and sky this afternoon, a little wind blowing.
A Hummingbird Clear Moth. Not a great shot, but you get the idea. Now that they are around I'll try to get some better shots. They are freaky kind of creatures - a large bug that looks very much like a hummingbird.
The afternoon sunlight filters softly through the trees to the ferns below.
I believe this is called Slender Bush Clover.
This is an Oak Apple Gall. Came across it the other day while looking up as I walked! So of course I came home and hit google. They are formed by a small wasp laying eggs in a leaf bud. The leaf then forms up over the eggs and we have a gall. Pretty cool.
Just poured another cup of coffee, time to get moving. Enjoy your day!

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  1. thanks!!! freaky creature would be an understatement lol good day for being a Monday went for an eye appointment at the rate I am going will likely be blind by 50!!! Getting new glasses and put a kidney on ebay to pay for them OMG well off for a cup of tea then off to bed. Looking forward to my blog in the morning it will not let me like it from my blackberry (go figure)