Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 180 - 28th June 2012 - Rivers, Ocean Waves, Turkeys and Rainbows

Well I'm making a little headway. Looked like a bit of a sunrise this morning, but the neighbours were home so couldn't go in that directions. Besides I got up at 3am and started working. The good news is with the help of Colin and both of us working our fingers to the bone the book is ready to be handed over to our Printer, Ulrich, who is an absolute magician when it comes to this stuff. So it's out of my hair until at least next week. Then he'll have a couple of proof copies for me, and I'll be able to get the indexing done. Hopefully there won't be too many problems/mistakes or things I hate in the layout.
Since I"ve been really busy, I haven't had much chance to take much in the way of photos, however, Larry seems to have been taking a few so I'll share those this evening.
Larry and Lexi tend to roam around rivers where I always seem to be at the lake.

The river is looking really low, lots of rocks are showing.

He took some on his lunch break the other day down by the ocean. Love those waves crashing over rocks.
Remember those terrible road turkeys from this winter,well....... they have babies! There goes the neighbourhood!
And a rainbow to finish off the evening.
I am more or less caught up, don't look for anything too early tomorrow morning, I am planning on sleeping in a little bit, or at least for me. Still lots to do, just different things!
Hope you had a great day!

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