Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 154 - 2nd June 2012 - Iris', Twinflowers and lupins

I can see daylight coming, even though it's early again today and the temperature has dropped to +8.5 this morning. Off to the Yardsale this morning, get set up and sell our "treasures". You know the saying one person's junk is another person's treasure. I'm sure we have something for everyone. Great to see people pull together and help out. Will grab a few groceries before coming home, then Larry wants to get some more seeds planted in the garden. Hopefully he'll finish everything but the Tomatoes, Peppers and Cauliflower that we started in the house. They need to wait until after next week and some can use a little more size to them before going out. Then we can sit back and wait for harvest time. Ah, just kidding, lots of weeding etc to be done during the summer.

Finally yesterday was beautiful, sunny and warm and most everyone was working. I keep the blinds down at the centre to keep the sun from fading the books, but really so I can't see how nice it is outside in the summer and bleak in the winter. Method to my madness! Rushed around when I got home, supper, load of laundry, dishes and stuff ready for tomorrow. We had supper, then Larry and Lexi headed up to the garden to do some more planting. It's hard to get things in the ground with so much rain and working.
A nice grouping of lupins, a little bit of the evening light hits them.
The Twin Flowers won't be around too long so thought I'd catch a few more photos to hold me til next Spring.
There hasn't been much activity on the lake this week. I haven't seen any babies or geese, just a few lone ducks here and there.
Lois has some beautiful Iris' in her garden.
I have some yellow iris' starting, should soon have some blue ones.
They really are a lovely flower.
Not quite sure what this flower is, but she has several in her garden. I like the texture and look of it, nice contrast with some of the other plants.
Well almost time to get the rest of the household up and get everyone moving. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Have a fantastic day :) Lois's Iris are beautiful such a delicate looking flower but i am toldthey are pretty tough. I finally have lupins showing up on our road I threw seeds for years and then low and behold about 5 years ago saw the first one crop up now a few more each year.....chow for now getting a bit of office work done then off to yard sale ....