Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 176 - 24th June 2012 - Squirrels, Spider Webs & Queen Anne's Lace.

Well it's Sunday and my birthday......not giving out any age. I had no internet since early last evening, so everything is running behind except the time I got up - 4:30am. I came up with an idea this morning while I was fuming about no internet; perhaps the reason I get up so early in the morning is because I was born early in the morning and it has stuck! Even as a child I got up at 6-6:30am. Think I was born around 5am. Anyway something to consider. I've managed some work on Water St. this morning, done chocolate dipped cherries for a friend and a load of laundry. Larry headed off to town for a Fire Dept. Course, so he's gone all day. The only things I have to do on my list is find photos for someone [which I've already torn apart 1/2 a room and can't find] and put the chicken in the oven for supper. Dessert is looked after - Mom brought me an ice cream cake yesterday.

Yesterday was wet and miserable, other than to go grocery shopping I didn't leave the house and had a relatively early night.
Saw this little fellow in the woods the other day, kind of difficult to focus in on such a quick, sassy guy, but didn't do too bad.
Spiders are like very fine weavers. Their webs always look so delicate.
The chairs on the beach looking welcoming, now that the weather has improved.

It's a cheerful looking cat, although perhaps a bit thin.
Queen Anne's Lace, even though it's usually referred to as a weed, still very pretty!
Sorry folks, short and sweet today, but think Lexi and I will head out through the woods before the weather turns bad again!
Enjoy your day!

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