Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 156 - 4th June 2012 - Foam and Flowers

Another Monday, another rainy day. Temperature is +9.3. I'm beginning to think I open every Monday morning that way. Glad last week is over and we are on to a fresh new week. Karen is making progress with our Water St. book, three chapters finished on her end, my turn to go through editing, [truthfully with Karen, there is very little editing, just mostly a few suggestions here and there]. This weekend I'll start putting it into book format and inserting photos. Just need to get the rest of the chapters tidied up now. I think it will be a great publication and I'm excited to see it done. Water St. in Shelburne has probably been the busiest street since 1783, so there is lots of history there to delve into. Have lots of other things to get done today, need to finish off some research for  a few people and since it's raining a few locals may show up today to do their own.

Sunday was cooler, didn't rain until late afternoon then not a lot til evening. Ran my little heart out getting things done in the morning before it started. Flowers that Irene had given me last weekend, planted, some grass clipped,  a walk through the woods, photos gone through for show, etc. It was kind of a catch up day.
Blackberry blossoms. Soon the berries will appear, they are so tasty, especially on cereal in the morning.
Ummmm...... Hostas in the woods? That's rather strange, think someone must have been cleaning out a garden!
The lake was rough this morning, lots of waves and white foam.
Thick fluffy foam all along the edge of the lake.
Looks like someone took a can of shaving cream and sprayed it around.
My blue Iris' are beginning to pop out.
Guess it's time for that second cup of coffee. Positive thoughts and lots of progress on my mind this week.
Enjoy your day.


  1. I think the hosta in the woods would have been a lovely surprise to happen onto!

    1. It was Donna! Have missed you, hope all is well!