Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 181 - 29th June 2012 - Clouds and Hummingbirds

Finally a very good night sleep. Went to bed early and slept in until after 5am! Feeling much more rested and ready to tackle another day. Looks like it will actually be a nice day, although that pesky weather station is giving thundershowers this afternoon - what's with that? My youngest nephew graduated from highschool last night, seems like only yesterday they were learning to walk. Larry still has two nephews left in the school system, although I did see a great prom photo of one of the boys last night. The years fly by.

Tomorrow afternoon we have all of Larry's family here, sad that the only time everyone gets together anymore is when there is a death and not a joyous occassion. His mom passed away last month and we are gathering on Saturday for the burial. It will be short and sweet which were her wishes. Last week when I was hunting on the desktop computer for Water St. photos I came across ones I had taken the last time all the boys where home together at her birthday six years ago. I printed off copies of one of the photos I had taken, with the five of them and her. Thought it would be a nice keepsake for them all.
The sun rises up above the very tall tree line in streams of color.
I always think it's kind of cool when you can see the shadow of the moon during daylight hours
Big fluffy clouds hung over the lake as I peeked through the trees.
I enjoy sitting on the window seat in the kitchen watching the hummingbirds at the feeder.
They always seem oblivious to the fact I am just on the other side of the window, a few feet away.
Well, it's Friday a long weekend on the horizon - a celebration for Canada's birthday! so now I'm caught up. The last few days of being too busy to post made me realize I really enjoy doing this everyday.
Enjoy your day!

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