Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 153 - 1st June 2012 - Old Sign, Duck and Ships

Yah, it's Friday. Up a little earlier than normal, temperature is at the norm of +11.5. Tomorrow is the big Townwide Yard Sale, if you are in the area, check it out. Susan and I went through some of the stuff folks have donated at the centre, and there are some some pretty interesting things. We also put some stuff together for our on-line auction too. We are a non-profit organization, which means continuous fund raising to keep  our work in research, genealogy and preservation going and our doors open. It's all for a good cause so we keep it up. Thanks to the hardwork of some faithful members.

Hard to believe we are beginning month six of the year, half way gone and where did it go? Thursday was not bad, better than Tuesday. Lots accomplished, including some Water St. stuff to keep Karen out of trouble. The sun didn't actually come out until almost supper time, it was just kind of overcast most of the day. Today sounds like a much better weather day.

 Our last photography class was last night. I think all the girls had a hard week, no one was very lively. The hard part now is to pick 6 photos to have printed for the Show in July, but we have to do decide this by Monday.  Larry gets to display a few too as he was part of the class last fall, so Sunday we'll set some time aside to go through them, get them cropped to size, etc. Might get a few others done just to use as gifts for Christmas. Have to get some frames too, oh June already sounds busy and it just started!

A lone Mallard moves quickly through the lake. I've not seen our geese in almost a week. Am so sad not to be able to watch them, hopefully they will come back again to visit.
I'm borrowing a few of Larry's photos, one he took looking towards the wharf.
Larry found this in the woods - left over from another time. A number of years ago Demi Moore arrived in Shelburne and filmed The Scarlet Letter movie. While it was a great year for our small town, the movie fell rather flat.
My old friend the woodpecker.
Well seems like I have a mish mash of writing and photos today. It's kind of like leftovers made into hash! Another cup of coffee and get things mobile. I see daylight coming but no bright sun let.
Enjoy your day.

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