Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 174 - 22nd June 2012 - Bird Babies, Roses and Clouds

So I'm having one of those too early mornings,[3:30am] blah! It's still warm with the temperature at +15.8. Guess I'll have to work hard this morning as I see burn and crash in the forecast this afternoon. Wonder if they would consider changing my office hours from 6am - 2pm! Probably not. I'm sure there are others that get up early like me.........well maybe not in this time zone!
Another hot day, Thursday. Took a few photos of  houses I didn't have old photos for on Water Street and got some other things done. I prefer old photographs for books as people really like to look and remember or be to young to remember what it looked like years ago. However, in some cases I've not been able to beg, borrow or plead for them. I'm going to be glad when next Thursday comes and I turn this over to Ulrich so he can do a proof copy for me, and basically all the hard work will be done. You know, it was just another day at the office!

Ran across my little friend Mr. Woodpecker.
I'm sure I can see a little beak in that bottom hole. I know there are babies there. Wonder if NSPC would bring that bucket truck so I could have a peek?
I don't think anyone moved in here this summer.
Beautiful evening on the lake, except the mosquitoes nearly carried me away.

These are from a neighbour's yard.

My Loyalist Rose is beginning to bloom. Bought it in 2008 when they had them for sale during the 225th anniversary of the founding of Shelburne.

Lots of pretty fluffy clouds in the sky after supper.
Guess I've got time to wander through Water Street in peace and quiet for an hour or so before I have to dive in and go to work. At least time to get a few more photos inserted and laid out where I want them. It's Friday, weekend on the horizon. Enjoy your day!

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