Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 170 - 18th June 2012 - Clocks, Airplanes and Shipwrecks

It's Monday again, why does it comes around so fast? I guess it doesn't matter, not much we can do about it. Temperature is +9.8 and I can just barely see a glimpse of daylight coming through. It's also Lexi's birthday and my niece Becky [Happy Birthday Becky]. Lexi is 4, she got a new toy, which she managed to sniff out of the bag yesterday when we came home and I got her some of the treats she likes. She has more toys than one dog needs, but Larry spoils her. Back to work today, lots to do there since I worked from home on Friday.

We headed off early to Yarmouth yesterday to do some errands. I guess we went too early as most places didn't open until 10am or 11am, some even Noon. Don't know what I was thinking. We got everything accomplished including a stop at my favourite store - The Bulk Barn. So since we had some time to kill we headed downtown to Tim Horton's - where else! Now I'm not a Timmie's fan but can handle their tea periodically and I had my camera with me and they are on the waterfront, so......
The Milton Clock, beautiful little park like area, lots of benches and well maintained.
Pretty cool yellow plane flew over head.
The shipwreck on the island, which is really looking wrecked these days.
Looking through the Clock archway.
Looking down toward the harbour. It's nice but you know ours is nicer.
Came across this little chipmunk, this afternoon after we got home.

Nothing special but I like the contrast between the brown and the green.
Well guess it's time to drink up the coffee and get the show on the road! Maybe I need one more cup..... it is Monday after all!
Enjoy your day!

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