Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 168 - 16th June 2012 -Leopard Frogs and Pollen

It's Saturday, kind of grey out there, temperature is +14.2  but sure the sun will shine soon. Off to Upper Clyde for the lobster dinner - yum ...... Boiled Lobster, salads, desserts! Some of the Larry's family is coming too. Can't wait! We go every year and its' great, also a fundraiser for their little community hall, which used to be the School house many years ago. Before that I've got a fundraiser to attend for our Society - BBQ at Sobeys. Weekends are never dull.  I think there's lots going on - Jordan Falls Fire Dept. Auction, Shelburne Fire Dept 4-Wheel Drive Rally. Seems there is something for everyone!

I spent 10 hours today and got through all 11 chapters of the Water Street book yesterday. Sent them all off to Karen and I'm sure scared the daylights out of her! Sorry Karen! I still have lots to do with it, but that was a good accomplishment. Once she takes a last look through and I make one more trip to the Deeds office to confirm a few things, then it's putting it all together, inserting photos, page breaks, formatting, etc. Hopefully this weekend I may find a bit of time to go through the photos I've accumulated from various sources. Guess my bosses got their money worth with me working from home. Lexi and I did get out a couple of times and walked around the neighbourhood, through the woods along the lake. Lots of birds singing in the trees, but I can never find them.
Oh, the pollen is awful in the lake this year. Everything looks like it's been washed in yellow.
On the rocks......
and on the ferns and leaves. Lexi had a hard time finding a clear spot along the water edge to go in for a drink and a little wade around.
My yellow rose bush is in bloom. Friends of ours in the Windsor area gave me a piece of this a number of years ago, faithful bloomer, an old fashion style.
I got one over on Larry, he was quite put out that I found a leopard frog before he did! Truthfully I thought it was some kind of a big toad, which annoyed him even more.
I love creatures that just hang around posing for me.
So that was our excitement and adventures for Friday.
Yes, I'm a bit late this morning, but every once in a while after a really early morning, I have a sleep in morning.
Enjoy your day!

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