Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 164 - 12th June 2012 - Flocks, Daisies and Power Poles

Looks like the sun is coming out again today. The temperature is +7.1 and I can still see a sliver of the moon as it gets ready to go to bed. Larry is off early again this morning and so am I. Then back to town this evening for our AGM. I should make a run to the Museum today and look through their photos again, need some more for Water St.

Monday was too nice to work, weather wise but I went anyway and accomplished a fair amount. It really would have been great to have sat on the back deck with a book for the afternoon....... one can dream. Maybe Wednesday will be fine too. My summer help has arrived at the centre, so this  is a very good thing. Nice to have an extra pair of hands to help and maybe, just maybe I may even get caught up a little bit.
Flocks growing in town. These white ones bloom much earlier than the pink ones I have.
A Maple tree with flowers. They will turn to seeds soon enough.
The clouds over the harbour were big and fluffy at lunch time.
Up close and personal with a daisy.
Remember the woodpecker who made the holes in my power pole...... well he made more and there are now tenants. I think we have grackles or starlings residing there.
And these are the two holes on the other side, not sure but maybe there are condos here! Nice to see how nature works - one bird makes the house and another uses it. Even though starlings aren't my favourite bird, I guess they have to nest somewhere. I was hoping to see swallows there, but maybe next year. Unless by next year they have made too many holes and my pole falls down!HA!HA!
Time to make another coffee and get the day underway. Lots to do, not sure where to start but guess I'll jump in with both feet and go to it!
Enjoy your day!

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  1. I jumped right in to "today" too....no coffee at the house so I got to work early!! have a great day