Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day 161 - 9th June 2012 - Wild Strawberries, Poppies and Turned Leaves

It's Saturday, temperature is +11.3 and I'm up too early. So none of that is new. I don't hear rain yet, although the deck looks wet. I also don't see any bright daylight breaking either. It's going to be a day of groceries, laundry and very few fun things. Fun depends on what the sun plans on doing. Now to decide whether it's going to be Barrington or Shelburne for groceries. I know if my life got any more exciting........... well sometimes you just need routine!

Friday was glorious, too nice to be at work. The sun shone, gently breeze, true blue skies. All I did was chase people through old records trying to connect dots but not making much headway. Won't think about them over the weekend, maybe next week they will fall into place. On the upside, I did get to have my weekly Bacon Scallop Wrap at the Bean Dock. After a quick supper I went for a walk, haven't gotten out much lately so it was nice to go and see what was new around the hood. Ran into a neighbour with his small son in one of those baby contraptions that look like a backpack - pretty dandy rigs, the dog and the cat were strolling along too, so I walked back with them.

Came across a few poppies in a yard in town yesterday morning. Their petals are like paper. Such a vibrant red color.
These Bearded Iris' are beautiful.
The Seagulls were flying off  the reef as well as a few ducks, which I missed.
The harbour and sky looked so much nicer Friday morning. A small boat was whizzing across the water, I assume to check on their boat. Didn't stay long as was back to shore.
The wild strawberries are ripe. You have to look hard for them. These are along the road, so I don't think I'll try them.
From the Old Folks - "When the leaves turn it's going to rain". Are they right?
The lake was beautiful. Lots of lily pads cropping up now.
It's beginning to rain, so the Old Folks were right about the leaves. I suppose I should pour another coffee and do some quiet things - the rest of the house is still asleep. Hopefully it will clear this afternoon.
Enjoy your day.

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