Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 169 - 17th June 2012 -Lobsters, A Cemetery and Snapping Turtles

Another Sunday morning, thanks to our 4-legged child no one slept in and I've been deprived of my quiet time. Temperature is only +8, but it looks like the sun is coming through. So the question now is whether or not to go to Yarmouth, if so go this morning come back early or get some stuff done around here then go later. Hoping once I get my first coffee into me that I'll have an answer. There are a few things I need that I can't get here, so will head a little further.

Saturday turned out beautiful, nice breeze, sun, just the way I like it! Joined our volunteers at the Sobeys BBQ for a while in the morning, then headed up to Upper Clyde to meet family and enjoy the Boiled Lobster Dinner. Wow was it great! In my mind these things are more of our Shelburne County gems. Down home hospitality.
Lobsters, Salads and Desserts, Volunteers getting everything organized. They have this every year way up in the country in a little community hall that used to be a school house many years ago. I'm glad they are using the building more, making repairs and keeping it going.
Across from the hall is a cemetery, a church once stood there too, but it was torn down a number of years ago. Stands to reason the church and the school would be close together - the hub of any little community. The folks in the community keep the cemetery mowed and looked after.  I wonder if there was an epidemic of some sort during the summer of 1864, seems strange that two young people in their 20's would pass away so close together.
Conrad Ryer was the son of Hessian Soldier Conrad Ryer who came with the Loyalists and settled Shelburne in 1783. The first Conrad and 3 wives [not all at once], and 19 children [not all lived]. He was a busy man.
There are so many varieties of roses, this is such a simple one.
I'm quite sure this is a Peony, but of course you know I'm creeping through neighbours yards while they are to work, so not like I can stop and ask questions.
The next two photos are Larry's he caught these two Snapping Turtles laying eggs either side of the road a few nights ago.
They are really quite large and not very friendly!

Happy Father's Day to a great Dad!
Enjoy your Day.


  1. Seems like an odd place for the turtles to do that. Those little guys are gonna emerge from those eggs all disoriented and get run over

    1. They are always on the side of the road, I guess their survival count is low! Nice to have you back.