Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 178 - 26th June 2012 -Flowers, Water and Bird Babies

It's raining, temperature is +17.9 so that probably means it's humid as well. I know we need the rain but wouldn't it be nice if it rained from 11pm to 5am and the days cleared off!  My internet is once again not working well, seems like it's just about as fast as the old dial up used to be, except I'm paying a lot more for it. Grrrr! Well, there is lots to be done, fingers crossed that we can do it.
Monday was a beautiful day, weather wise. I plunged in and worked on Water St. most of the day, along with help from Colin. It's going to be nip and tuck with my deadline. Still need some info from the Deeds Office and photos. For now I've been plunking my own photos in to hold spaces where I'm missing ones, just makes life that much easier in the long run. I have visions of getting up at 4am on Wednesday and finishing at 4am on Thursday morning. Maybe we'll be lucky and get quite a bit done today.
The hanging flowers in town are just beautiful now.

I hope people appreciate them. It's such a lovely welcoming touch.
I know, not another rose, but there are some really pretty ones on the water front.
The Dory shop on the right, sits next to the harbour, a perfect view today.
And our lake was perfect after supper.
One little baby.........
There are two little beaks now. I think they are starlings....not my favourite bird, but the seem to enjoy the power pole nest.

Time to get the coffee into me and spend a few more minutes on Water St. before heading to work this morning!
Enjoy your day!

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