Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 155 - 3rd June 2012 - More Flowers and Ferns

The sky looks pretty blue with fluffy clouds this morning, temperature is back to +11.5. They are giving rain for later this morning, then they next few days. Not sure what we'll do today, probably mostly indoor stuff if it rains. I should do some weeding in the flower beds and I have a few more plants to get in. Then I need to sort through my photos and pick those I'm using for the show and of course there is always Water St. and housework. Sounds like I have no end of choices.

A totally successful day yesterday at the Yardsale. The Society raised a good sum of money which was badly needed. It's difficult to find fundraisers that really raise a lot at once, most are small amounts so we have to continue to do more and more. It's great when we have lots of volunteers, like today who can share the load or take turns, sometimes we only have a few. Got home around 2pm after picking up some groceries, etc. By that time we were beat and hungry. Food a bit of a rest then back at it. Larry to the garden me around here and a walk. Burn and crash for an early evening in front of the TV.
The Daisies are out along the side of the road.
The Mother Mallard with four babies was in the lake this afternoon. They are more skiddish and don't hang around for photos like the other group.
The water lilies are beginning to show up in the lake as well.
Some more beautiful blooms in someone elses yard.
There are so many different kinds of ferns. Guess it's time I brush up on them. Gogle or Book?
I always think they look pretty cool when they are starting to uncurl.

Well guess it's time to finish up my coffee, and start some laundry. Since everyone else is still in bed, guess I'll continue with sorting through photos and choosing some for the show and a few I'd like to have prints of for gifts.
Enjoy your day!

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  1. Laundry kind of day wasn't it! Jordan leaves for California on Tuesday am and I think I did 5 loads, leveled some top soil and played in the yard...the back is tired but does it ever feel good to get out in the yard. The wind sure is howling lost my hat a few times and lets just say trying to put grass seed out was a lesson in futility lol. Have a good evening and had to share that I had two hummingbirds at my honeysuckle bush :) Usually they are at the neighbors but guess they decided to compete with the bees ....