Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 157 - 5th June 2012 - Royals, Iris' and Lightening Strikes

Tuesday and another day of rain by the sounds of what I hear outside. It feels like punishment some how. The temperature is +9.3 and dawn is breaking.

The last few days have shown England celebrating  The Queen's Diamond Jubilee in other words 60 years as Monarch. I've been watching bits and pieces of it on TV and it's quite marvelous to see all the festivities, etc. I'm sure most people can not even imagine having a job for that many years, especially one that the world watches. Many households in Canada still hold a soft spot for the Royal Family. I think these days that Kate is probably the new sweetheart of the family. Personally I loved her red dress and hat that she wore on the flotilla. I think today they end the big celebrations with more events including a balcony appearance toward the end of the day.

So yesterday came and went. Some things accomplished, not everything I wanted, but overall not a bad day except for the rain and dampness.
Yellow Iris in my garden.....yes mine, not a neighbours!
Last week we had a thunder and lightening storm one night. Looks like lightening struck this tree went down splitting the bark, travelled through the root and up the other tree a short distance.
One of the apple trees in the yard, loaded with Wisteria blooms. The birds certainly seem to love those flowers.

Some of the wild iris' that I found along the lake.
They are so pretty as they sit along the edge of the water.
Well as I've been writing, daylight has come, no sun with it. However, I don't hear rain anymore so perhaps it will clear or is that wishful thinking. No matter, I still have get myself ready. Larry and Lexi are up and out for their morning stroll. Lexi will want to get the paper that never comes this early anymore. Time for me to put the kettle back on.
Enjoy your day!

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  1. Beautiful shots of the Wild Iris!! I was glued to the TV this am watching the service and the Queen looked splendid in her outfit!! My Mom loves anything to do with the Royalty and I think I caught the fever....perhaps it brings out the little girl in all of us. I sure would not want to be under a microscope though for all of these years and let's face it times have changed and the media has more access now. Technology has made great strides but the invasion into lives and the constant attention must be atrocious. my little rant for the day.