Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 165 - 13th June 2012 - Foggy Sunrises and Flower Baskets

Way too early this morning, you would think I could have slept in some since it's my day off instead of getting up an hour early. The temperature is +10.3 and it's dark out, sun should be coming around soon. Today's plans involve a whip around at housework, then some much needed time on the deck enjoying the sun, maybe catching a few shots of the hummingbirds at the feeder if I'm lucky. Oh I may take Water St. to the deck with me and run through a chapter. And Lexi and I will take a few turns around the neighbourhood to see if anything new is in bloom or we can find new life in the lake. I'm aiming for a laid back day, lets hope it comes true.

So it was a long day on Tuesday; in  the office around 7:30am, home for supper then back for a meeting and back home again by 9:30pm.  A somewhat decent day, I managed a few hours at the museum digging out some stuff - Water St. book and a UEL[United Empire Loyalist] line I'm researching (that's not going quite as well, having trouble finding a source for one person, born in 1792).
I took a few minutes yesterday morning to capture the sun rising on the lake before going to work. Love the haunted effect it has.
Thick fog over the lake with the sun coming through, what an awesome sight it was.
You know it's going to be a beautiful day when you see this.
They almost look like b/w photos. I like the soft hues.
Looking down Dock Street. The baskets are all hanging on the poles now.
Beautiful baskets of Petunias.
Soon the rest of the house will be getting up and my quiet time will be gone. I spoke too soon, Lexi is chattering at the bottom of the stairs telling Larry to rise and shine. Still looks kind of dark, but I think it's mostly foggy again this morning. That's ok, it burns off pretty quick once the sun gets around.
Enjoy your day!

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