Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 173 - 21st June 2012 -Frogs, Tadpoles and Sparrows

Thursday morning, temperature is +18.7, it's a warm one. Was waiting for the coffee a few minutes ago and looking out the kitchen window. The sky was blue with loads of clouds which looked like pink cotton batten. I could just see the sun through the trees. These days I can't see the lake anymore since the trees have all leaved out. Off to work again, with lots to do, of course.

What a grueling day, Wednesday was. I took it as a work from home day to start putting the book together. went slower than I would have liked. I got the first five chapters put together but not all the photos in. I'm not sure what went wrong but none of it went smoothly, I didn't get started at it until 6am, maybe that was the problem. Every time I moved a chapter over all the footnotes changed fonts, so I had to fix those and it continued in that manner. Oh well, there is always another day......but not many!
However, I did take a few dog walks with camera throughout the day, just to loosen myself up and move the frustration away.
I really like these couple that I did of the frog. Used the auto settings but.....
am still in the practicing mode!

I've moved to manual mode. More blurry photos than good, but they will come with practice. My yellow rose - another bud.

I'm really wondering what those tadpoles are going to grow into - they are awful big!
Lexi was hanging out in the Lake.
She's such a good girl, and loves to have her picture taken! My best practice subject.
I think this little fellow is a song sparrow but I'm not sure.
Looks like he's playing peek-a-boo!

I think this will be the last morning I have to catch my early ride. I appreciate it, but can get a lot more done at home with that extra time, and it doen't make such a long day in town. Well time to get moving.
Enjoy your day!



  1. Your ride is back in the country......I am still on England was wide awake way too early.....back to work tomorrow and will pick you up as usual!

  2. I thought you might be!LOL!!