Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 167 - 15th June 2012 - More Memories, Wildflowers and Cats

Awake too early again. Temperature is up to +14. No wonder it's warm upstairs even with the fan running in the window. Larry loves it warm, Lexi and I suffer. Maybe it's just a female thing. I've decided it's time to wrap up Water Street, so I've got about 250 pages to read through today, and I want to lay out the photos I have so I can see what else I need. I've also got yesterday's notes to type up so it promises to be a long day. We are launching the book during the Founders Day celebrations in July so time to get cracking!

A productive day was held on Thursday, or at least it felt that way. Also our prints came for the photo show in July, so that was pretty exciting, I picked those up after work. Planned on going for a walk after supper but  got rained out, so settled for an hour of Coronation Street instead. Glad to have Corrie back for a full hour.

From my Grandmother's journals:
14 June 1977 - Got off to work late. Call by CB for Mother to come to stay with Bob. [They had no telephone in those days in the country]. Very sore this morning. Sat in chair all day. Some better this evening. Mother went home before supper. Gertrude over, played 5 games [cribbage] 3 games for me. [My Grandmother taught me to play crib when I was just a little girl, most nights after supper during daylight hours we would have a few games, and if I won it was because I played well] Tired after not much sleep last night. Birds really singing tonight. Saw a doe and fawn our side Briar Hill Road. Saw a deer this morning.
15 June 1978 - To work as usual. Lovely day but wind, cold really high winds.30 miles/hour. Catherine, Hilda, Barb and I to tea at the new tea cup. Enjoyed it. Home 15 past 6 o'clock. Tired as I was up 20 past 4 o'clock this morning. [perhaps this is where my weird hours come from] Bob very tired tonight. Saw a deer our side of Salmon Creek on way back from taking Judy. E & H Nickerson at the little white camp.
16 June 1978 - Friday again. Days fly. To work as usual. Home 5:15. Bob picked me up at Barbs. Great to have Judy on weekends. Beautiful today also this evening. Barb and Judy over for a few minutes. They were to town tonight. Everyone tired being end of week. No kids this weekend. Kim working.
.Pointed Blue Eyed Grass, growing wild along the ditch. I have a great Wildflower book that my brother Sid gave me in 1979 for Christmas. The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Wildflowers.
The Daisy is very simple, but clean and fresh looking.
I can't resist the shadows from the trees across the dirt road. I love the way the light plays through the trees.
Lots of varieties of Roses are blooming now.
This is Max, a neighbours cat. He's quite a character.
Since I've got a lot of work to do, probably wise I did get up early. Time to get it started!
Enjoy your day!

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