Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Day 335 - 30th November 2016 - Frost, Bling and Ice

The last day of November - leaves us with rainy memories.  I'm back to the cleaning today, should be able to finish off the bowling alley. Curtains all down, walls and ceilings done yesterday and windows started.  Had to stop to do some lunch box prep and a meeting in town late in the afternoon. Since we've got a usable bathroom now, I'm going to wait til after the holidays to do the messy, dusty dry wall filling and sanding. It will come together sooner or later. After a chilly walk to enjoy all the frosted sights in the morning, it warmed up and was quite nice by lunch time.
Tuesday's frost finished off this burst of yellow.

 Nothing like a little bling reflecting in the water.
 Everything was frosted.
And a little shell ice looked like stained glass windows along the shore.

Enjoy your day!

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