Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Day 327 - 22nd November 2016 - Lupin Leaves, Wildflowers and Goldfinch

Yesterday was a mixed bag of weather - rain, sun and by evening, some wet snow. Temperatures are certainly cooling off. Lexi and I got caught several times in those rain showers! Made it out to exercise class last night - my love/hate relationship with that continues.  I stuck to my plan on Monday and got the upstairs finished off with a start in the kitchen and pantry. I really dislike housecleaning but it has to be done and the weather really wasn't optimum for much else. I guess today will be a continuation - at least in the kitchen I can keep my eye on the bird feeders, which may or may not be a good thing. Sometime I've got to find a couple of spare hours to finish off an online course I've started.
 Seeing Lupin leaves along the side of the road is more spring like than winter moving in.
 Mushrooms are popping up everywhere.
 A spot of yellow from some wildflowers.
The flock of Goldfinches are growing.

Enjoy your day!

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