Saturday, November 26, 2016

Day 331 - 27th November 2016 - Old Man's Beard, Purple Finches and a Mourning Dove

Dark sky this morning with a few scattered stars and calm - not a breath of wind. I can hear a few ducks quacking for their breakfast in front of a neighbours. Rain on the way for later today and tonight, parts of the province look like they might get a mess but so far we are good in the Banana Belt. Had a good day on Friday, lunch with Margie at Clyde River then we took a run to Barrington and picked up a few groceries. Exciting excursion but good to get out. Today I'm hoping to see some plumbing done in the bathroom. Time to get that project finished up. A little late this morning - technical difficulties.
Old Man's Beard hangs in branches throughout the woods.

Two male Purple Finches and a Goldfinch.

The Mourning Doves like to hang out on the fence.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Today's the 26th Kim. :) Don't get us any closer to Christmas than we already are... lol