Friday, November 18, 2016

Day 323 - 18th November 2016 - Cat Tails, Black Bellied Plover and Golden Crown Kinglet

The saga of the phone continues. Worked in the morning but gone again after lunch. As funny as it may be, it's getting tiresome. Well we decided to take a run to Barrington yesterday morning and pick up doors, some more gyprock, lumber, etc., since they deliver on Fridays we'd have the rest of what we needed for the renovation by the weekend. Of course we didn't take a direct route, but followed the shore down through to Blanche, Baccaro and then up to Barrington. A few birds around - probably a flock of 100 Robins, Chickadees, a couple of Yellow Rumped Warblers, Golden Crown Kinglets and a few shorebirds at Blanche including Black Bellied Plovers, Ruddy Turnstones and Dunlin. Back home after lunch to get some household chores done.  So today, I'm house bound waiting for the building supply delivery and hopefully the phone man ...again!
Cat Tails
 Golden Crowned Kinglet - can never seem to get a clear shot of these little guys
Black Bellied Plover

Enjoy your day!

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