Thursday, November 3, 2016

Day 308 - 3rd November 2016 - Grackles, Leaves and Sumac

One of those too early mornings again, groan. Not much I can do about it but it makes for a long day. 
We had some brief time with the sun Wednesday, just before lunch is was lovely and warm but in no time it was grey once again. Another day of learning - identifying fabrics and new/old styles. Always good except my brain was tired and full and thinking about another project by the time I got home. I think I need to learn to chill just a bit. Next week I'll be home and need a little time to myself and Big B. Some time to get out around and explore all the spots in the hood I like to go, start the fall cleaning in the house and maybe get a project (if time allows) that I want to start at home.
A little bit of color around the shorelines.

One of the many, many Grackles

 Still red!

Sumac - always so pretty in the fall - leaves turn red and fruit.

Enjoy your day!

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