Thursday, November 17, 2016

Day 322 - 17th November 2016 - Chickadee, Brown Creeper and Sunlight

A good Wednesday in town. Lunch out at the Beandock is always good, catch up with the girls and a meeting in the afternoon. The phone man came to the house again (Larry was home) and the drama continues. It was in and out again last night but appears to be on again this morning. So will see what happens but I'm guessing he'll be back again early next week. The exciting life of a country dweller! So Larry is off today and I think he'd like to take a romantic (HA!HA!) trip to the Scrap & Metal place in Digby.  I don't really feel like sitting in the car all day and would rather go get doors for the bathroom in Barrington. Guess we'll wait and see where the day leads.
 Chickadee - must have found something interesting in a dried up leaf
 Brown Creeper - one of my favourites - they blend in so well with tree bark
 A calm fall day on the lake
A little fog and sunlight

Enjoy your day!

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