Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Day 307 - 2nd November 2016 - Lichen, Flowers and Mushrooms

Looks like a fine day on the horizon, maybe the sun will even come out for a while.  Mornings ad evening are certainly chilly. Although we don't bother with a fire until we get home at night. Another great day in the Textile Artifact Room. Lots of interesting items, a few giggles and thanks to google we learned something new! I love a job that you can constantly be learning at. Sadly we will soon be done with this project except for some database entry and research. My partner in crime, Greta and I have had a good time.

 Love the lichen that grows on the trees.
 Sometimes once the color is gone, it's all about the texture.

Mushrooms are plentiful but the frost will soon take them. Haven't found any real pretty ones this season.

And a few flowers are still hanging on.

Enjoy your day!

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