Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Day 314 - 9th November 2016 - Blue Jay, Red Winged Blackbird and Purple Finch

By 6pm, the stars and moon are all out shining in the sky, although on a brighter note, I can see daylight coming through at 6am. So I tossed all thought of housecleaning out and roamed the hood, stalked the neighbours feeders and basically just chilled. Have come to the conclusion I need a couple of "vacation days" before tackling the fall cleaning stuff.  Yesterday with the chill and morning frost made me crave a good home made soup for supper. So it simmered away all day in the slow cooker and cheesy biscuits hot out of the oven rounded out the meal. It was nice to get back to our regular Tuesday afternoon with Cathy over coffee. Instead of one Red Winged Black Bird, five appeared at the feeders, spending most of the morning. The afternoon brought a couple of male Purple Finches to join the regulars. Checking Google this morning - the US has a new President - enough said!
As greedy as they are sometimes, the Blue Jays do add a really element of color!

The frost melted in the sunlight but still left a little bling.
One of the five Red Winged Blackbirds.
Male Purple Finch.

Enjoy your day!

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