Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Day 306 - 1st November 2016 - Purple Finch, Blue Jay and Red Leaves

Good Morning November! Normally a "grey" month - leaves have gone, branches are bare and the snow hasn't covered everything with a clean white coat (not that I'm asking for snow yet). The time falls back this weekend making daylight hours shorter. But the winter birds return to the feeders offering a little brightness to the day. Have slept this morning after a sleepless night - go figure. Good day yesterday, had nine trick or treaters (a lot for here lately) and finished the day off with exercise class.

Purple Finches are one of the prettiest feeder birds.

Lois' and I seem to be sharing this single male at our feeders.
The Blue Jays are striking in the coat of blue - this guy was rather vocal.
A mix of leaves turning on a bush.

Enjoy your day!

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