Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Day 328 - 23rd November 2016 - Mourning Doves, Blue Jay and Goldfinches

Tuesday was another fun filled day of bizarre weather - rain, snow and the sun made periodical visits.  The wind had the feel of winter - raw and cold. However, as much as we are moving into the season we like to complain about I still love the four seasons - changing from the long hot days of summer to the beautiful leaves and landscapes of fall, white winters (not too much snow) and the growth of spring.  I'm making headway in the cleaning department, kitchen and pantry finished on to the living room today. Decided to jazz up supper with a twist on a Sausage and Shrimp Gumbo over rice. Nice change but maybe a bit too much heat. Lexi and I managed a couple of roams through the hood and a quick tea with Lois.
 The Mourning Doves are getting more plentiful.
 These two spent most of their time bickering, but when they left...
 the greedy Blue Jay filled his belly.
The Goldfinches are happy to wait or find the smaller feeders.

Enjoy your day!

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