Monday, November 21, 2016

Day 326 - 21st November 2016 - Berries, Fungi and Clover

Had a great breakfast in Ingomar yesterday morning then headed back home to get some work done. Door #2 is on the bathroom - with some frustration, but no tears (HA!HA!). It was an afternoon for making muffins, lunch box prep and a walk in the hood. Our streetlight was replaced with one of those new LED lights - pretty good it lights up the whole south side of the yard. Drizzle and rain filled the weather for the day but by suppertime the sun was setting in glorious hues of pink. Looks like more rain for today but I'm going to seriously get into gear and tackle the housecleaning. No more putting things off, there is just a little over a month til Christmas and I have no shopping, no baking and no cleaning done. Perhaps panic mode will move me a long!

Beautiful red berries dipped in rain water.

Buffleheads at Round Bay.

 Finally found some pretty fungi
Still some pink clover around.

Enjoy your day

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